Pooh Bear Visits My Childhood, Parenthood, And Now

Memories of Winnie the Pooh crystallize my appreciation for my father

4 min readNov 7, 2023


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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my —

“ — Mom, I think I’m forgetting what Daddy looks like!” I opened my eyes, lifted my head from my praying hands, and worriedly looked up at Mom as she knelt beside me.

“Oh honey,” she chuckled, tickled that her baby girl missed her daddy who traveled extensively. “He’ll be back soon,” she reassured me. “I’m sure you won’t forget him.”

This is one of Mom’s fond memories she enjoyed sharing as a young mother with her friends. I must have been around five or six years old.

She held the fort from her early days as a wife and mother continuing for over twenty years. Mom ran our home and was our caretaker, cook, nurse, teacher, confidant, cheerleader — you name it. She wore many hats. Dad traveled non-stop for work.

Mom and Dad loved us fiercely — always so careful to not overindulge us with material possessions. They both grew up with little and understood the importance of teaching us to value what we have — no matter how little.

Every summer Dad enjoyed great fun with his girls that he seldom was able to do while working. He did it all — he built sand castles, took us to water parks, and the circus, and rode every roller coaster multiple times without tiring.

During one unforgettable trip to Six Flags, we got off the Runaway Mine Train and headed to hunt for a lemonade smoothie to cool down our sweaty bodies. As we passed the arcade section — the cutest Pooh Bear caught my attention.

His big and soft glorious self hung ready to be squeezed — oh my goodness, I wanted him!

“Daddy, please — can you try to win him for me? ” I squealed.

Dad gave me that look. You know, the one where he couldn’t say no — but wasn’t feeling too confident he would be able to win. It could have been the toss of the ring over the bottle or squirting the water in the bull's eye — I cannot recall the game. All I remember is —




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