Do I Truly — Love My Body?

Whose voice do I listen to and what does that say about me



Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What is the right balance between embracing who we are — loving our bodies as they are — with making the right choices for the best health our bodies can be in?

I looked in the mirror this morning as I dressed and prepped for my day. Once again, as I pulled up my yoga pants over my thick thighs, those words crept so comfortably and possessively into my brain: My negative. Condescending. Whining. Detrimental.Voice.

“Ugh, how do I get rid of this excess weight in my legs?! I wish my thighs weren’t so thick! Ugh, I hate my legs!”

These words along with many others I speak to myself daily, if I’m honest. These words roam in my head with a comfort and permanence like that old sofa chair you lump in after a long day’s work — they envelop my self-talk, like those house slippers that mold to your feet and whose toe prints stay imprinted whether worn or not.

In that instant for the first time ever, I then heard the voices of many women who have shared in countless health articles and videos —

“Be kind to yourself,” they say.

“Be grateful. Embrace yourself and be appreciative of the unique beauty of your body.”

My voice, however, returns. “I am hurting, though. This excess weight is causing me pain in my knees. I have begun to suffer from plantar fasciitis (or maybe they are spurs?), and none of it is fun nor how I envisioned I would be at this age.”

The pain and age in my bones and muscles are begging me and crying out, “Take better care of yourself. Eat the right food and make better choices!!!”

One voice must prevail. The voice that I choose to listen to with better consistency:

  1. I can embrace and love myself as I am WHILE I learn to make better choices.
  2. I can do better. I can choose each day to face the day and face my battles. I must take the time to celebrate my wins.
  3. Take the time to understand and dive deep at the end of the day as to why you lost. Learn from your mistakes — however, don’t learn in order…




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