Dear Medium Writer, I Have a Favor to Ask

In exchange, here are three tips you may not know!

4 min readSep 20, 2023


“Pretty please?” / Image CanvaPro

Okay — I’ll be honest. I have more than one favor to ask.

But you’ll be happy —I’m not asking for 10 — only three! 😉

Could you kindly make a note of who is subscribed to you

Some of you are tagging writers who are already subscribed to you. We are getting two emails — one for the tag and then one with the notification of your posted story.

Please don’t hide my tag

The creative and smart move of tagging writers embedded in your images gives you 10 points for ingenuity. But then you lose those 10 points when I read the article — and I don’t see my name. (It was a teaser — followed by a — just kidding!)

Hear me out for just one minute.

When I first came on Medium, a tag felt like a special touch. Either — our name appeared in the story. Or we were honored because the writer shared our article.

I always noticed tags. They were meaningful. Along the way —tags have become meaningless.

I don’t even bother to open the email when I’m tagged because I know I’ll be one in 100. I’ve even noticed that when I tag writers in a meaningful way — they don’t notice it.

That pisses me off. I’m still frustrated (months later) that writers don’t see the tag — or perhaps like me, felt it was a mention of one in 100. So they ignored it. They didn’t even bother to come see why I tagged them. Yet — I did have a special message for them.

The culture of tagging has changed, and I want the old culture back.

Writers, please, for the love of chocolate — or vanilla, if you swing that way — could we please stop tagging a crowd?

If it has meaning, by all means — tag away.

But at the end of the day, it’s your story — your way. I can respect that. I’ve said my piece.

Does every post have to be sent to subscribers?




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